Shinkyu Self-Defence runs specialist bespoke courses and workshops for the public, groups, organisations and schools. Typically these are on subjects like women’s self defence, physical intervention skills training, or courses for children such as safety awareness and anti-bullying. Our experienced full-time instructors are happy to put together bespoke training for the needs of specific organisations or groups.  In most cases we will produce full colour illustrated booklets or manuals so attendees can refresh what they have learnt.

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Here is a short introduction from Kirsty who is our primary women’s self-defence instructor.

And here is another quick video from some of the ladies who have participated in our women’s self-defence workshop.

Girls, as we go about our daily lives, for the most part, the people we meet all seem nice enough and the prospect of violence is pretty far from our minds. But violence, especially sexual violence is a lot more common than most of us think.


In the UK 1 in 4 women will be the victims of physical domestic violence in their life times.


1 in 10 women will be raped. 85,000 women are raped in the UK every year.

That’s a lot. Which means it happens scarily frequently.

We don’t like to think about these things and we want to believe that “it won’t happen to me”. Sadly thinking that means you are less likely to be prepared or aware, and that makes it a lot more likely that it will happen to you. Very few people want to talk about these things either, they don’t want people knowing that they have been a victim and they fear further attacks, but it is because so few people talk about it, that so few people know just how common this is.

Think about it, is it just a handful of bad guys who getting around to hitting 25% of all women? Is it just a couple of dozen bad eggs that rape 85,000 women every year?

The shocking and scary truth is that the majority of these violent men aren’t the gorillas we think they are. They are the charming guys who will date rape you at the end of the night if you don’t put out. They are the boyfriends who slowly wear away at your self-esteem until they feel they can hurt and control you. They are the bad boys who treat you mean to keep you keen, they only care about what they want and will use and abuse you to get it, if they actually cared about your feelings they wouldn’t be mean.

Now we are not suggesting that you lock yourself up in a tower and never go out and never go on a date. We are saying empower yourself — learn self–defence so you can be prepared and be aware. The best thing about learning self-defence is that it empowers you and builds your self-esteem. This gives you the confidence to say “no” and the will to fight back if necessary. The vast majority of girls don’t fight back, there are lots of reasons for this: they are afraid it will make things worse, or they don’t think things will go that far until it is too late, they are paralysed by fear, or they don’t want to hurt their attacker. The sad thing is most attackers will quit the moment you put up a fight. It is ALWAYS better to fight back. You are worth it.

Don’t be the girl crying as he holds you down thinking “why me?”, be the girl that kicks him away and says “Try me!”

The worst thing about sexual assault is victims are left feeling powerless. Powerless because someone could do what they want to your body and you couldn’t do anything about it. Don’t let that be you, it is simple and easy to defend yourself once you know how.

In attending our Wonen’s Self-defence Workshop or learning Shinkyu Combat is more than just learning self-defence moves, we build your will and decisiveness to fight back as well as teaching you awareness and avoidance strategies.

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