We teach purpose-driven karate with the primary goal of ensuring our students learn practical skills that they can rely on. We use modern teaching techniques like striking pads and kick shields as well as practicing scenario driven self-defence to deliver real-world results.

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Shinkyu Karate is not a complete departure from traditional karate. We believe that  respect, etiquette, discipline and self control are still relevant and an integral part of a student’s journey.

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Our customer service team and our karate instructors are there to help our students experience a rich and rewarding martial arts journey. There are many benefits to training in karate: self-defence, fitness and confidence being high on the list. Your aspirations and goals are important to us and our talented and experienced instructors are there to help you achieve them!

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While a lot of clubs don’t like advertising their prices, we can’t rave enough about ours and at £4 or less per class, why wouldn’t we. Our simple direct debit fees structure is designed to help you get the most out of your training by encouraging you to train at least twice a week. This helps you quickly develop reflexive skills that you can rely on and also dramatically improves your fitness, so you get both value and results from your training.

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One of the key reasons we can provide such a rich training experience is that from our very foundations we understand that learning a martial art is a personal journey that different people want different things from.  While we start off with a strong foundation of fundamental techniques and essential self-defence, once a student reaches intermediate levels they can really start to diversify or specialise their journey to suit them more through specialist classes.

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