Outstanding Value

We are strong believers in our style and in our service, so we offer a FREE 2 week trial to all new students, obligation-free. After all, the best way to choose a martial art is to try it out. We are super confident that you will love our classes.

Once you have finished our FREE trial and you wish to continue we have a simple direct fees structure which is designed to help you get the most out of your training by encouraging you to train at least twice per week. This helps you quickly develop reflexive skills that you can rely on and also dramatically improves your fitness. This means training with Shinkyu is not just great financial value but the best way to get results from your training.

Training twice per week is only £32 per month which works out to only £4 per class. You can also catch up on classes that you miss, even if it is two weeks later. Or, you can choose our unlimited training program which is only £45 per month which works out to be £3.75 or less if you train three or more times per week.

We believe in making sure that our students get great results from their training but we also don’t want to charge them the earth to achieve them either.

What if I miss classes?

You can catch up on classes up to two weeks after you miss them, so if you are sick or go on holiday you can catch up.  As always you are most welcome to attend any of our classes; as a member,there is no need to book simply show up.

12 even payments

Our direct debit system works on making 12 even payments through the year. This entitles students to 50 weeks of training (although technically you only pay for 48)   This system evens out the long and short months and the 2 week Christmas break.

No Contracts

There are no contracts and you can cancel with one month’s notice.

Training twice or more

Studies have shown that training 3-4 times or more a week is the optimum amount of training in martial arts to maximise learning retention. While more often is ideal we have found that training at least twice a week is enough to maintain a steady learning curve. In contrast training once a week is going to result in frustratingly poor progression especially as you reach intermediate grades.

Many people fall into the trap of starting off training once a week and think that that will be enough to continue their progress, but soon training once a week becomes like treading water where your effort training is just keeping your head above water but you are going nowhere. This is frustrating for the student and often results in the student feeling despondent as they fail to progress and they end up quitting even though they actually enjoy training. It is only common sense: training once a week won’t get you fit, and it is definitely not easy to get good at something if you only do it once a week.

For this reason we don’t offer students the option of training once a week or to pay as you go, in fact we feel that we would be letting people down if we did. Students who only train once a week are statistically overwhelmingly likely to quit at beginner or intermediate levels, whereas those who train twice or more a week are highly likely to achieve advanced levels and actually achieve what they set out to get from training.

A pay as you go club where you will typically pay £5-8 per class may seem like the flexible option but it really encourages poor training habits which leads to poor results. This is the ultimate false economy in martial arts, we know, we used to do this but in good conscience we couldn’t any more. What is worse is that this system means that the good students who train more frequently are actually paying over the odds to make up for the inconsistency of others. Our silver, train-twice program is actually cheaper than what some clubs would charge for training once week.

Unlimited training.

We highly encourage people to take up our unlimited training program which is only £45 per month. Training more frequently is going to deliver better results.

Typically other clubs especially martial arts academies, krav maga and kung fu clubs ask you to pay £60-70 a month for unlimited training, some of whom don’t even offer a great range of classes to choose from like Shinkyu does. Just because they ask you to pay elite prices doesn’t automatically mean they are indeed elite. Most of the time they are just charging more because they need more money to cover the rent of a full-time dojo. But when you still get to train in lots of different classes, with your choice of great instructors, and use top quality equipment in Shinkyu, is it worth the 33-55% price rise to train in an academy? But most importantly we are happy for you to compare the service and training you will get from us to our competitors, which is why we offer a two week free trial.