Frequently asked questions

How much is training?

In short £4.50 per class, based on training twice a week. We have a simple monthly direct debit system with no contracts.

Training twice a week is only £45 per month which works out to only £4.50 per class. Or you can choose to train unlimited which is only £57 per month Which is even more economical for those really looking to hot house their progress.

To find out more about our fees structure please visit our fees page

Where are our classes?

We currently run classes in two areas:

Waltham Forest Area of East London, with classes in Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow.


Essex, with classes in Braintree, Witham, South Woodham ferrets and 5 locations in Chelmsford including: Springfield, Chelmer Village, Central Chelmsford, Moulsham Lodge and Great Baddow.

To find out more about times and locations please visit our timetable page.

Do I need to become a member?

Firstly everyone starts off with a 2 week FREE trial, no initial membership required, however once your trial is finished you will need to become a member. The annual membership fee is £20 per student although in their first year families of three or more receive a discount which is a set fee of £50 for the whole family.

Will I need a uniform start?

When you first start off you can simply train in track suit bottoms and a T-shirt and you can get a uniform through your instructor when ever you feel ready.

Basic Karate uniforms are £20 for child sizes and £22.50 for adults. But the club stocks a wide range of uniforms for those of you who are super keen.

Students will need to wear a club uniform with our logo in order to grade in our style.

What is the minimum age?

In general we take children once they have started reception at infants school, however some 4 year olds cope very well with structure of our classes and can start earlier but equally some 4-5 year olds, even if they have started reception, struggle with structured class environment. So it differs for every child, which is why we offer a 2 week FREE trial as the only way to know, is to try them out.  Frequently parents who are concerned about their child’s concentration are pleasantly surprised how well their child does in karate, and better yet karate will help improve their concentration further.

If you have concerns about you child please speak to the instructor both before and after class during their free trial to see how they are getting on.

Can I train with my kids?

Absolutely! This is highly encouraged and makes the experience all the more richer for both of you.  Most of the training in class is in shared activities where you can train with your child. At times the class will be split where younger children may be separated, as older students do more technical training or more adult orientated self-defence.

Will I get hurt doing karate?

We are exceptionally safety conscious and we have a system for partner drills and sparring where students are trained to pull techniques short so as not to strike other students. Of course you will still touch and make contact with other students when blocking, grappling or ground fighting.

If students over the age of 14 would like to experience light contact sparring which is still very safe they can participate in Combat classes where we focus completely on sparring and self-defence skills. We also wear head gear with full face perspex shields to prevent injury when doing light sparring.

Students will also be expected to do a small amount of light contact sparring to achieve their brown and black belts if they are 14 years or over.

How frequently should I train?

Studies have show that training 3-4 times or more a week is the optimum for retention of what you are learning in martial arts training. However Shinkyu recommends that you train at least twice a week. Training twice a week is very beneficial for the following reasons

  • Helps dramatically with fitness
  • Maintains a robust learning curve. More frequent practice means that it is much easier to progress with learning new skills.
  • Training with different instructors will expose you to different perspectives, sometime even hearing the same lesson presented in a different way will help you learn.
  • Training with different peers exposes you to different sparring and training partners which can challenge and inspire you to become a better martial artist.

Training at least twice a week is only common sense, learning Shinkyu Karate is an exceptionally rich and rewarding experience and of course those great benefits of training can only be earned through frequently and regular training.

What will my first class be like?

Expect a big warm welcome from your instructor and other students. In your first class we will run you through some fundamental techniques and probably some practical self-defence skills that you can use straight away. We will be gradually improving both your fitness and skill sets over time, always building your confidence as we go along.

Do you have more questions?

If you would like to find out more about our club please get in touch with us.

There are lots of different ways you can talk with us on our contact page: